XY -001 V-Shape Glass Thermometer


Features: it is widely used in ship support system, heating-exchange system, hydraulic devices and pipe systems with long service life, beautiful appearance and perfect vibration endurance performance.

Type: 1.rigid straight stem   2.rigid 90 degree stem  

Temperature Range:-30+50℃  0~50℃、0~100℃、0~120℃、0~150℃、0~160℃、0~200℃、0-300℃、0~500℃、0~600℃. Fahrenheit thermometer and special temperature range are both available on your request. Case Material: V-shaped aluminum completely polished, gold-colored anodized.

Wetted Parts Material: Brass, Stainless steel, Steel (chrome plated) 

Type of liquid: blue/red organic liquid or mercury

Case length(A): 110mm, 150mm, 200mm.

Stem Length (including length of thread):(L) 30;40;50;60;63;80;100;160 mm. customized stem length are also available upon request.

Connection:(T) 1/2, 3/8, 3/4 27*2 and customized connections are also available upon request.

Ordering instruction: please inform us your case length, stem length (including length of thread), connection thread type, temperature range (℃ or ℉)  and wetted Parts Material.

This product can be selected according to the IMPA code, referring to IMPA codes: 651925,651904,651944,651965,651971,652101,652111,652025,652065,652131,652141 etc.