XY-011 Mask type shape glass thermometer

Mask type glass thermometer professional for supporting the ship, the use of aluminum frame glass mask, beautiful appearance, clear readings

Type: 1.rigid straight stem   2.rigid 90 degree stem
temperature range :0~100℃、0~120℃、0~150℃、0~200℃、0-300℃    0~500℃、0-600℃、0~650℃、stem material: aluminium casting with silver gray painting。

sheathing material: oxidation aluminium.
Wetted Parts Material: Brass, stainless steel

Type of liquid: red organic liquid or mercury

stem length ( including thread):30 mm 、40 mm 、50mm 、60 mm 、80mm、、95mm、100 mm 、110mm customized length is also available.
connection thread size:3/8 , 1/2

Ordering instruction: please inform us the thermometer type, stem length (including length of thread), and temperature range.