XY-002 Metal bushing glass thermometer


It is widely used in boilers, ships and various kinds of industrial pipes with features of accuracy, beauty and clear reading.

The thermometer is divided into: 1.rigid straight stem   2.rigid 90 degree stem

temperature range :-50 +50℃、 0~50℃、 0~100℃、 0~150℃  0~200℃、0~300℃、0~500℃

Fahrenheit thermometer and special temperature range within -50℃~500℃ are both available on your request.

sheathing material:Brass or  Stainless steel or Steel (chrome plated)

Type of liquid: red organic liquid or mercury

Case length(A): 110mm or 150mm or 200mm.

Stem length( L ): 30;40;50;60;80;100;1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm,customized stem length within40mm~2000mm is also available upon request.
Connection( T ): 1/2, 3/8, 3/4 ,27*2 and customized connections are also available upon request.

Ordering instruction: please inform us your case length, stem length (including length of thread), connection thread type, temperature range (℃ or ℉) and protection sheathing material.